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We're Hiring!

HoopEd Coaches - we're hiring

HoopEd offers a wide variety of semi-full time work that can fit your schedule throughout the week.

While there might not be all day camps in the middle of the school year, HoopEd provides various programs and classes that give you the opportunity to stay on your feet, polish your coaching skills and earn up to $500 a week.

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2nd grade kickball crew Coach Zach and Coach Gheo had every day during 2nd grade recess from last year

Lafayette/Deal Recess Duty

During the middle of the day from 11 am to 2pm, take some stress off the teachers as you lead recess for 1st-5th grade in games for the kids with the typical equipment you would use during a typical day of HoopEd camp. Depending on the grade, you will provide basketball, soccer, kickball, wiffle ball, dodgeball, moonball and other various playground games that the kids enjoy. Pictured above was the 2nd grade kickball crew Coach Zach and Coach Gheo had every day during 2nd grade recess from last year. Apply Online

Extended Day Programs at Schools

Fill in for the extended day programs we have at the various schools we work at (Perry Street Prep, St. Bernadettes), helping them with some of their homework, watching over them as they have snack or do arts and crafts and play sports/playground games with them using the same type of the equipment during a camp day. Apply Online

Private Sports Classes

Come for an hour or two to teach sport as a class to all kids who sign up(i.e. basketball, all sports) where you focus on fundamentals, teamwork, having fun games and getting better during the smaller amount of time to coach. HoopEd also provides hour to two hour sports classes after school where during that allotted time, you would play an inclusive group camp game like dodgeball, kickball or handball that would get them excited to have us come back week after week! Apply Online