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Starting this year we're shifting our CIT program to only be for kids who are entering 9th grade. We will also require that all CIT candidates submit a written essay that tells us why they want to be in the HoopEd CIT program. After receiving all of the written essays our leadership staff will make a final decision on who will be accepted into the CIT program.

HoopEd will only accept 10 CIT candidates for the entire summer.
We will accept essays until May 6th, 2016 for consideration to work camp this summer.

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Other important information pertaining to this brand new program can be found below. Please feel free to call HoopEd Director of Operations Dave Bell at (301) 933-0398 (8:30am-5pm, M-F only) or email Dave with any questions you may have. We look forward to having a great summer this year!

Important information for the HoopEd CIT program:

  • 10 total CIT's will be selected for the training program this summer.
  • 1 CIT will be appointed at each camp location per week of camp.
  • It's required that all CIT's who are accepted into the program be available to work camp for 4 weeks.
  • In the required essay, we would like all candidates to discuss why they think they should be accepted into the HoopEd CIT program which includes, work ethic, future goals, experience working with kids and any other attributes that apply to you eventually wanting to become a camp counselor.
  • Please make sure to include your full name, school you attend, contact information and home mailing address somewhere in the email you send along with your essay.
  • There will be a mandatory CIT training the first week of June for the candidates who are selected to the program.
  • All essays need to be emailed to