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AfterCare & BeforeCare

BeforeCare - Free Drop Off at All HoopEd Student Holiday Mini Camps, Winter/Spring Break Camps, SJC All Girls Camps, The D-School and All Sports & Games/Hoops Basketball Summer Camps beginning at 8:30am

AfterCare - This service is provided from the conclusion of the camp day until the designated end time of either 5:00pm or 5:30pm (please review your camp confirmation for end time details). Families can register campers for AfterCare via our online registration or at camp check-in with our camp director. In order to run AfterCare we need at least 4 campers enrolled and the best way to ensure this number is to preregister. You can always add/subtract your child's attendance based upon your need of this service. If your child is attending AfterCare please provide them with a snack for the extra 2.5 hours. We will set aside 10-15 minutes of AfterCare time to let campers enjoy a small snack and drink. Thank you!

New AfterCare Late Pick-Up Policy Starts July 1, 2015

After much thought and consideration we have decided to apply a late fee to our AfterCare program. Due to our facility agreement at many locations we must follow our contract timelines much closer and as a result AfterCare must end promptly at closing time. Please read the information below:

HoopEd offers AfterCare at a majority of our camps and clinics; typically ending at 5:30pm. Our Late Pick-Up Policy will now follow the timeline below:

  • At most locations, once AfterCare concludes at 5:30pm, our AfterCare director will give each family a 15 minute grace period until 5:45pm.
  • For campers picked up after 5:45pm, late charges will be applied. The late pick up charge is $1.00 per minute per child. Parents are held accountable for these additional fees and must be paid directly to the AfterCare director upon arrival. Payment with cash is preferred but checks can also be accepted. The check can be made out to HoopEd w/your child's name and the note "AC Late Fee" w/the date. If you are unable to pay at late pick-up, you MUST pay the fee at check-in the next morning.
  • For Summer 2015 at Murch ES, it is very necessary that we abide by our contract terms and we exit the facility at 5:30pm. We will give families a 5 minute grace period ending at 5:35pm. For campers attending All Sports and Games Camp at Murch ES the late charge will start promptly at 5:35pm and will be $1.00 per minute per child as well.