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After School Programs

HoopEd offers a variety of after school sports classes at local public and private elementary and middle schools. Our classes are designed to provide fun, low pressure after school sports activities where kids can learn about the sports and games they love while having fun with their friends. Class offerings include Basketball, Body Movement and Ball Skills, Soccer, Cheerleading, Kickball, Flag Football, Sports & Games and Track & Field. Class sessions typically run 6-10 weeks with separate signups in the fall, winter and spring. Classes are grouped by selected grades and start as soon as the school bell ends the day. No playing experience required as our focus will always remain on having fun and learning!.

Some examples for this 2015-2016 school year are:

All Sports and Games: Boys and Girls will join in playground sports and games in an environment where kids of all skill levels and abilities feel comfortable and included. Games include everything from kickball, soccer, flag football, team handball, and basketball, to capture the flag and old school "kick the can!" Although we always compete to win, the spirit of the game and FUN is at the center of everything we do.

Cartooning: Love Comic books, graphic novels or cartoons? This class is an opportunity to create a new world, draw within panels, draw new characters, find a style, or even just work on your drawing skills. In this class we will work on drawing people, developing characters, and we will work on a short comic by the end. We will draw inspiration from the many graphic novels and cartoons out there, including DC comics and Marvel to Sunday comics like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes as well as other various examples.

Chess: Learn the fundamentals of the game including basic rules, mainline openings, gaining the initiative in the middle game, space and timing, attcking tactics and endgame play. All skill levels welcome.

Construct and Create: This class allows kids then to utilize their wild imaginations and build up and out! Students will have a opportunity to create a project every class using 3 D materials including plaster of paris, clay, cardboard boxes, paper mache and more! Kids will use everyday objects that with a little creativity can be made into a piece of art!.

Creative Cursive: Boost your child's handwriting and creative writing skills with this beginning cursive class for Grades 3 - 5. Lessons include games and activities that make it easy to learn, read and write in cursive. Students will begin by learning lowercase letter groups that use similar strokes, and then progress to uppercase letters in the "Handwriting Without Tears" program. Students will be able to practice and review letters with words and sentences, poems, and other language arts activities with the program workbook. Class materials fee: $10. Instructor: Regina Gretschel

Dance In Motion: This course will focus on several dance styles and techniques of jazz, ballet, hip-hop, creative movement and modern. Students will be able to explore the world of dance and focus on alignment, rhythm, movement, coordination, and performance skills. This course will also help students with their flexibility and understand the importance of movement and musicality. The class will include body isolations, flexibility warm up and exercises, across the floor combinations center work and learn short dance combinations. This is a beginners level course.

Guitar: Tony Grasso in his positive style will help beginner, younger students develop an excitement and love of the guitar and music. Topics include basic chords, strumming patterns, and finger style techniques, which are taught through a wide variety of songs from the pop, rock, and folk worlds. Limited to 5 students.

Hoops Basketball: Clinic style class that teaches the rules and skills needed to enjoy the game in a fun, low pressure environment. Each week students will learn a new skill such as dribbling, passing, shooting, rules of the game, etc. Students will play fun basketball activities as well as exciting instructional scrimmaging. *Skill Development Work based on grade of students.

Imagination Legos: Creating your own invention during every class using new building techniques and tips. Share your creation and gain confidence speaking to a group by presenting your invention during each class in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Love to Draw!: A Class For the Older Artist: Learn to draw 3D objects, creatures in motion, the human face, cartoons and more using media such as charcoal, pencil and pen. Explore composition, mark-making, light and shade.Have fun learning and practicing drawing techniques that will broaden your creative adventures.

Martial Arts: We offer a safe, structured training that teaches students the proper form, style and technique.Classes are tailored to student's individual needs and help them to grow to their fullest potential. Martial Arts not only focuses on instruction, but also provides valuable lessons related to respect, discipline, motivation, self-control, confidence and continual improvement.This is a non-sparring class.

Media Art: This class offers a chance to experiment with a variety of different art mediums. Kids will get to work with watercolor, clay, pencil, markers, tempera paint, and other exciting materials. This class is about having fun and learning about new art techniques. Each class will focus on a different material, or painting on a new surface, or even making something 3-dimensional. Come and bring your creativity and get ready to experiment!

Polymer Clay: Love to make things your hands? Love clay? This class is a chance to learn, experiment and create with polymer clay. We will focus on fun techniques, learning to make animals, charms, bowls, action figures and other fun projects out of brightly colored oven bake clay. Kids will get to build and decorate during each class and then will pick up their baked project the next class. Baking hardens and seals the clay and allows it to last for a lifetime.

Sci-Fi Art and Mystical Creature Drawing: Do you want to learn to draw Dragons, Aliens, Unicorns, Pegasus, Centaurs and other wild Sci-Fi and Mystical Beings? Utilizing pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink to make your imagination come to life by working on shadowing and 3-D drawing techniques!.

Soccer: This class will focus on correct soccer technique and skill development with the ball. Children will learn the rules of the game, basic skills and start playing small sided games while the coaches focus on a positive, fun environment. We strive to develop shooting, dribbling, change of direction, and agility skills. *This class is also available for older grades with more experience.

Toy and Gadget Making: Every class make your own toy or gadget that you can take home to play with and share with your friends! Creating your own toy will open your imagination! Make things such as paper mache morraccas, toy windmills, octopus ball and homemade play-dough!.

Wacky and Wild Science Inventions: Go crazy with science and do some super cool experiments that you can amaze your family and friends with at home. Learn scientific laws in the process and have a super fun time!.

Wiffle Ball and Fat Bat: This class is based around fun where the students will get used to athletic motions and physical fitness through the sport of wiffle ball and fat bat. This class is available to every student boys and girls of every level of experience. Students will work together in groups and go over the skill of the day (fielding, hitting, throwing). Fun games based around friendly competition will keep the students constantly active and help them to learn the importance of sportsmanship.

We work along side existing enrichment programs, directly with PTA or independently to bring our offerings to the school. If you would like to have HoopEd at your school please contact or visit our FAQ section.

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Highland View ES
After School Programs

ACTIVITY:Beginner Karate K-5th
WHERE:Highland View ES (Montgomery County)
DIRECTIONS:View in Google Maps
WHEN:Oct 1 - Dec 17, 2019
TIME:4:00pm - 5:00pm
OFF DAYS:11/12/19
FOR:Boys & Girls, Grades K-5
NOTES:Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00

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