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Sport-Con: Teen Social Distanced Strength and Conditioning 

Grades 6th-11th (grouped by age)

Kids will remain socially distanced throughout the workout and follow all COVID health guidelines.

Sport-con is a fun three step sport training program that increases functional capability in young athletes regardless of age or skill level. Sport-con uses group or individual skill work and game play to bring the best out of your young athlete in a safe, fun, and competitive environment.

Step I: Flexibility & Agility Focuses on lengthening range of motion through the body to optimize performance and recovery while training with plyometrics to better balance and stability.

Step II: Strength & Conditioning Uses calisthenics and body weight exercises to increase endurance, cardiovascular capacity and mental toughness.

Step III: Speed & Footwork Will focus on fast twitch muscles to increase start to stop speed laterally and unilaterally, also quickness in change of direction speed.

Please have your child arrive with a mask on for temperature and health check at the car drop off area to be decided.
See our landing page for COVID procedures we will be following.

If there is inclement weather, we will cancel the class and try to make it up another day of the week.

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Indian Spring Terrace Park

ACTIVITY:Choose your afternoons day(s): Grades 6th-11th
WHEN:Sep 14 - Oct 16, 2020
WHERE:Indian Spring Terrace Park (Silver Spring)
TIME:4:00pm - 6:00pm
FOR:Boys & Girls, Grades 6-11
NOTES:Sept. 14 -Oct. 16 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays