Hoops Basketball Camp

Sample Hoops Basketball Camp Daily Breakdown

8:30-9:00am Camper arrival/Check-in/Free shoot
9:00-9:15am Greeting/Camp rules/Staff introductions/Form running
9:15-9:45am Ball Handling - Split the groups up between younger and older if the groups are large enough.
9:45-9:50am Water break
9:50-10:20am Stations - These six skills are your stations for the week: Shooting, Defense, rebounding, passing, jump stop/pivot and lay-ups.
10:20-10:25am Water break
10:25-11:00am Morning basketball evaluation games - Both the NCAA and NBA groups will be split up into teams to play evaluation games.
11:00-11:30am Competition - Elbow to elbow layups, Hot Shot, etc.
11:30am-12:00pm Lunch
12:00-1:00pm Ice cream/Money shot/Coaches half court shots
1:00-1:15pm NCAA and NBA drafts/Game rules for the week
1:15-2:50pm Afternoon games - With both sides having permanent teams all games count towards having a win/loss record, so score needs to start being kept.
2:50-3:15pm Closing of the day/Aftercare/end of the day staff meeting